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Myth speaks of a former time and place, of fabulous deeds by men of renown, and of an object of wisdom that was highly prized but dangerous to procure. Phoebus the shining one Apollo was born with his twin sister Artemis, goddess of the moon, on the wandering floating island called Asteria a star or Ortygia quail island. In myth we see the shining god and his female aspect having originated on an island, possessing the powers of future intervention in the affairs of men. Often the location of the primordial apple-god possessing the powers of future intervention in the affairs of men. One of the labors of the hero Hercules was find the hidden Garden of the Hesperiedes the Daughters of King Atlas of the Isle of Atlantis , to defeat the dragon guarding the garden, and retrieve the Golden Apples. The golden apple of myth, the symbol of hidden knowledge, is more appropriately depicted as a quince-the golden fruit referred to by its scientific name Pyrus Cydonia. The legend of a place of origin-an island or garden that is not always visible or accessible-indicates that this is not only a place but also a place in time. A city, like a garden, is the result of the manipulation of nature according to a plan, an island-of architecture in the midst of the chaos of nature. Cain, the first murderer, as the first to cultivate crops, and the first to build a city after the expulsion from the Garden. This passage concerning the first city-builder Cain presents one of the riddles this book hopes to answer.

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Part of the Tiahuanaco Complex, Bolivia. Puma Puncu, Puma Pumku. Puma Punku is a single part of the greater Tiahuanaco complex. The Puma Punku temple offers one of the best examples of masonry skills in the whole of the pre-Columbian Americas. Other incredibly carved temple complexes such as the Peruvian Inca walls of Sacsayhuaman, or the Inca masonry at Machu Pichu and Ollantaytambo pale to insignificance when compared with the sheer skill, accuracy and perfection achieved at Puma Punku.

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Oak Probably there is no one who has been duped at least once in a life time. But can the whole world can be duped? This may seem impossible. But in the matter of indian and world history the world can be duped in many respects for hundreds of years and still continues to be duped. The world famous Tajmahal is a glaring instance. For all the time, money and energy that people over the world spend in visiting the Tajmahal, they are dished out of concoction.

Contrary to what visitors are made to believe the Tajmahal is not a Islamic mausoleum but an ancient Shiva Temple known as Tejo Mahalaya which the 5th generation moghul emperor Shahjahan commandeered from the then Maharaja of Jaipur. The Tajmahal, should therefore, be viewed as a temple palace and not as a tomb.

Puma Punku: New Dating Project Underway

This remains true for both academic archaeologists and historians as well as rogue historians who investigate the hypothesis of advanced prehistoric civilizations or ancient assistance from extraterrestrials. Puma Punku covers a large part of the massive ancient city of Tiwanaku and it is located just southeast of Lake Titicaca in the Andes. The city predates Inca presence in that part of South America. Lake Titicaca, Bolivia public domain The mystery lies in the precision and complexity of the structures that pervade the ruin.

Greetings. This is the beginning of a blog, which I hope to add to every day where possible. As some of you may know, aside from the tours that I do and books that I write as well as videos I make, I am involved in research projects.

Long ago in a forgotten time the world experienced a terrible storm with tremendous floods. The lands were plunged into a period of absolute darkness and frigid cold, and humankind was nearly eradicated. Some time after the deluge, the creator god Viracocha arose from the depths of Lake Titicaca. Journeying first to the island of Titicaca now called Isla del Sol or the Island of the Sun , Viracocha commanded the sun, moon, and stars to rise. With various helpers, Viracocha then traveled from Tiahuanaco also written as Tiwanaku , bringing civilization and peace wherever he went.

Known by other names including Kon Tiki and Tunupa, he was said to have been a bearded, blue-eyed, white man of large stature. A teacher and a healer, a miracle worker and an astronomer, Viracocha is also credited with introducing agriculture, writing, and metallurgy.


Much of the folklore about fairies revolves around protection from their malice, by such means as cold iron iron is like poison to fairies, and they will not go near it or charms of rowan and herbs, or avoiding offense by shunning locations known to be theirs. In particular, folklore describes how to prevent the fairies from stealing babies and substituting changelings, and abducting older people as well.

Many folktales are told of fairies, and they appear as characters in stories from medieval tales of chivalry, to Victorian fairy tales, and up to the present day in modern literature. These Siths or Fairies they call Sleagh Maith or the Good People…are said to be of middle nature between Man and Angel, as were Daemons thought to be of old; of intelligent fluidous Spirits, and light changeable bodies lyke those called Astral somewhat of the nature of a condensed cloud, and best seen in twilight.

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Pumapunku or Puma Punku is part of a large temple complex or monument group that is part of the Tiwanaku Site near Tiwanaku, in western Bolivia. It is believed to date to AD and later. Tiwanaku is significant in Inca traditions because it is believed to be the site where the world was created. In Aymara, Puma Punku’s. Andesite megaliths in Puma Punku, will be evaluated by beryllium cosmogenic dating to determine the prehistory date when the stone was quarried and machined.

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A new form of dating is currently being completed at Puma Punku using a new technology called Cosmogenic dating to date when the stone was actually machined. The funding for this re-dating of Puma Punku stone was raised through an online crowd .

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The Mystery Of Puma Punku’s Precise Stonework