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Dating Antique Hardware

A buyer’s guide for an antique chest of drawers. One of the first questions to ask yourself is what wood is the chest made from? If it is early 18th Century it may well be in walnut and if it is Georgian or later it is probably made out of mahogany. Then have a look at the drawer linings. If they are made in pine the chest is probably of secondary quality whereas if they are of oak or mahogany it is of superior quality.

Also look at the way the grain of the bottom board runs, if it is from front to back the chest is probably of early 18th Century construction, the grain running from side to side suggests a manufacture of post

Snag A One-Of-A-Kind Find Now!Determining the age of antique furniture is the first step in establishing but their knowledge of antiques and dating methods are critical in determining a Dovetails – A Clue for Dating Antiques. dovetails is now the province of hobbyists and a few small shops creating authentic replicas of antique.

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Antique Furniture Joints — Determine the quality of your antique furniture. Recognizing different kinds of furniture joints can help you determine the quality of antique furniture. The same is true about furniture with dovetail construction on the drawers as opposed to rabbet joint drawers. Dovetails are a better joint and will last indefinitely. When you look at the exterior surface of a joint, you may only see a line where the two pieces of wood meet.

Butt Joint A butt joint is made when two pieces of wood are butted together and glued. Boards are commonly joined end grain to edge grain, edge grain to edge grain, or edge grain to face grain, although other configurations are possible. When magnified, end grain looks much like the end of a group of drinking straws bunched together. When you use the butt joint to glue two or more boards side by side, or edge grain to edge grain as when making a wide top for a table, however, the joint can be quite strong.

You must make sure that the joining edges are planed smooth to form a perfect fit, though, and that the joint is glued and clamped sufficiently. Lap Joint Lap joints are created when two pieces of wood overlap one another at a right angle. Usually at least one piece of wood is notched out, allowing the other piece to fit down into it.

Identifying Antique Furniture

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Antique Late 19th Century Korean Other Blanket Chests Brass, Wood The antique Korean Bandaji, or blanket chest is handcrafted in wood and embellished with original brass trim, mounted with intricate fittings, including handles, hinges and lock plat.

Types of Dovetails in Antiques By Bethany Seeley ; Updated April 12, When appraising or inspecting a piece of antique furniture, a dealer or prospective buyer will look closely at the drawers. The style of dovetailing used by the maker can provide clues as to the age of the piece, as well as reveal whether it was made in the United States, Canada or Europe.

Dovetailing is a method of precisely cutting two boards so that they can be interlocked securely together. Dovetailing typically requires no nails or other hardware. Examples of dovetailed joints have been found in pieces from ancient Egyptian and Chinese civilizations, and it remains a popular method of joinery today. Tail and Pin English Dovetail One of the most basic type of dovetailing found in antiques is the “tail and pin” type, also known as an English dovetail.

This consists of one board with a series of small angled notches cut into one end and a second board with a series of larger notches. The narrow pieces of wood left between the larger notches are the “pins” and the wider pieces of wood between the smaller notches are the “tails. This style of dovetail was popular until about in American and Canadian furniture and was often hand-cut, with the use of precision saws and chisels.

Pin and Cove Round Style Pin and cove dovetailing also referred to as round style became popular during the Victorian era. The principle of fitting two notched boards together is the same as tail and pin dovetailing, although unlike the almost triangular pins of the former, the pins of round style dovetails are semi-circular. This style was used in the United States and Canada, but did not gain popularity among European builders. A stencil-like device called a jig was used to create these dovetails.

Sliding Keyhole French Dovetail In the s, American furniture makers started using the sliding keyhole or French dovetail.

Dating antique furniture hinges

Furniture Wood If you have a worn old dresser or rickety heirloom chair on your hands, you may be thinking of refinishing it yourself. Older mass-produced pieces whose origins fall somewhere between and are ideal candidates for refinishing. However, if you have questions about how old your piece is, consult an expert first, says Teri Masaschi , author of Foolproof Wood Finishing:

This is a Victorian antique Davenport in English oak. A small writing desk bureau, dating to circa Attractive grain interest in the oak with medullary rays present Deep patinated tones to polished wax finish Contrasting inner with desirable birch finish Rising from stepped bun feet with inset.

However, learning a few basic tips and tricks used by experienced antique collectors and dealers will give even a novice collector the general knowledge needed to identify a piece of antique furniture. Tips for Identifying Antique Furniture There are several things to look for when examining a piece of furniture that help to identify it as an antique. Check for a signature or label from the furniture maker. Make sure the piece is in proportion.

For example, if the legs of the piece seem to be the wrong size or the top of the piece is out of balance with the lower portion, it is possible the furniture is a marriage. A furniture marriage occurs when two pieces, or sections, of furniture are joined together and the two are not originally from the same piece. Check the construction of the joints.

Until the late s handmade dowels or pegs held the mortise-and-tenon joints together and were slightly raised above the joints In the s glue was used on dovetailed joints. These types of joints became more refined throughout the s and the first half of the s.

Valuable Online Antiques References to Save You time

Dovetails are interlocking carved wood joints used in cabinetry to connect two pieces of wood — drawer fronts and sides, cabinet or cupboard corners. The technique produces a sturdy, long-lasting connection. Examining these joints helps determine the age of old furniture. It’s called a “dovetail” joint because the flat-bottomed triangular shape of the wood insert looks like a dove’s tail. Whether that tail is fat, skinny, symmetrical or used sparingly reveals a clue to the origins of the piece.

The Pharaoh’s Footstool Egyptian pharaohs were buried with fine furnishings and chests of valuables and rare spices to accompany them to the afterlife.

This piece is the Rolls Royce of Victorian chests of drawers. Dating from around the ‘s period this large chest of drawers is extremely fine quality & very imposing. The top & sides are solid walnut, while the drawers, rounded corners & the plinth are burr walnut with stunning patterns. All the drawers are very deep & the bottom drawer is extra deep because it’s joined to the plinth.

American Furniture Many vintage furniture buyers opt for quality reproductions that are more affordable, and either option is fine providing that you research your subject well when identifying antique furniture. There is no exact science where antique furniture is concerned; you simply make an educated decision based on what is most important to you. Researching and Identifying Antique Furniture Becoming knowledgeable about antique furniture takes research, even if you are focusing on only one aspect of this wide-ranging subject.

Many collectors prefer particular eras, styles, and makers, while others have more eclectic tastes. Get an expert opinion: A trained eye is more likely to find an undervalued treasure or a clever fake than a novice ever would. Use the press and stay informed about current trends and potential scams in the antique trade by consulting popular and highly regarded antique trade publications. Consider practical matters Carefully:

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Antique Furniture Identification. The identification of antique furniture is a subject that covers a very broad area. It is also a subject that can seem overwhelming and confusing to someone with a new interest in antique furniture.

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Stanley Bailey Hand Plane Types 1-8 and 15-20

Michelle was eager to learn how to build ladders and step stools, so I came up with an antique-style ladder, patterned after photographs that I found, and a super cool Shaker wall-hanging step stool. Tom is not only an expert furniture maker and tool maker, but an avid sailor. He modeled this sailing tool chest on an antique that he fell in love with years ago.

Jim has cut many dovetails over the years, and here are some of the lovely dovetailed drawers that Jim has made using this half-blind dovetail joint: Notice the deeply scribed layout line on these drawers. I dropped by his workshop J.

Antique mahogany nesting coffee table with flame mahogany tops, carved around the edges & carved on the tops of the legs. This model is a clever & practicable design, because it just acts as a coffee table with the two smaller tables tucked away when not in use.

For What It’s Worth How can you tell the age of a piece of furniture? This is a big topic to tackle and it will not be possible to cover many details in this short column. I’ve included a brief list of references, if you want to begin studying on your own. To determine age, consider the form and function, tool marks, construction techniques, and materials used in the furniture. Check for evidence of age.

One thing to determine is the utility of the furniture you’re trying to date. Is it a coffee table or king-size bed? They weren’t around before the 20th Century. They appeared in the s. Windsor chairs were not around before the Queen Anne period. Game or card tables did not exist in great numbers until the end of the 17th Century.

Oak joint stools, on the other hand, have been around for five hundred years. If you can locate tool marks on a piece of exposed wood, you might have some clues to follow.

Finding signs of hand work in antique furniture