Selena Gomez sets the record straight about fling with Zedd

Entertainment Zedd reveals the worst part about dating Selena Gomez The DJ and producer tells “Billboard” magazine the challenges of dating someone super-famous like Gomez. Selena Gomez and Zedd had a very brief romance in , but it left a lasting impact on the DJ, and not necessarily in a good way. Of course, none of his negative feelings are directly related to the pop star. People were hacking my friends’ phones,” he told Billboard magazine of the worst part of dating the superstar. She is one of the most talked about people in the world, but I had no idea how much that would change my life. But it was amazing, and I learned a lot. In a cover story interview with Billboard, posted online Thursday, Zedd , 27, recalled the bad part about dating Selena. He told Billboard that he didn’t know true fame “until Selena came into my world.

#Zeddlena: Selena Gomez Slams Diplo’s Claims, Confirms She & Zedd Dated

The two seem to have a long history of never ending drama, but at the same time they can not let each other go. Their relationship has been on and off for years. They are together one day and the next day are not. Both Gomez and Bieber are still very young and immature, and are not capable of committing to a serious relationship especially with their professional schedules and commitments.

Selena Gomez And Nick Jonas Dating Speculation: Couple Spotted Getting Cozy In Hollywood, Back Together?

Now 10 months later, they have reportedly broken up. And what exactly happened between The Weeknd and the singer? We decided to find out. Here are eight things we know about the situation — including the real reason Gomez and Bieber have been seen together. He reportedly went to her house the week before their breakfast together.

He is so relieved that she is doing well.

Zedd Finally Talks About What It Was Like To Date Selena Gomez

Celebrity News We go deep. From Marilyn Monroe and John F. Their on and then off again relationship is one for the history books, so here we chronicle the complete history of the long-running relationship — dramas, feuds and everything in between. Lucia, in the Caribbean. Causes of the split include trust issues and the young age of the couple. In the same interview Bieber also says he still loves Gomez.

Jan 24,  · Selena Gomez and her rumored beau Zedd went out for a nice dinner together at STK on Friday evening (January 23) in Atlanta, Ga. But, the year-old actress/singer Just Jared Jr.

On By Faramarz Hedayati In Social While Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber may be dating different people these days, their throngs of fans still nurture hopes that their idols would eventually end up with each other. Selena Gomez is currently dating One Direction band member Niall Horan and it seems that they are taking their relationship to the next level. Justin Bieber, on the other hand, has been rumored to be dating the elder Kourtney Kardashian, before the year-old singer posted a picture on his Instagram early last month showing him and model Hailey Baldwin kissing.

It was clear that Justin Bieber was jealous although he has no right to be since he and Selena Gomez have long broken up late in As for Selena, she was also disappointed upon learning that Justin was reportedly dating Kourtney, calling the relationship as incestuous since her former boyfriend is already like family to the Kardashian-Jenner clan, details the International Business Times. While both of them have not been saying anything public about their feelings for one another, it seems that their actions speak a lot and clearly indicate that they still hold out feelings for one another.

If they hardly care about the other, they should no longer be mindful of who the other one is dating and just focus on their current partners. But apparently, it is not the case for both Justin and Selena. They still check up on each other whether on social media, the internet, or through friends. So they still want to have a say on the decision of the other when it comes to dating.

It can also be recalled that early last year, Selena also dated DJ Zedd but the reports started coming out that while she was dating him back then, she was still thinking about Justin all the time. There were reports last year that Justin and Selena have gotten back together again after they were spotted strolling in LA and getting very cozy with one another. But it seems that it was short-lived because nothing came out of it.

Charlie Puth Opens Up About Past Relationship with Selena Gomez

A post shared by Sofia Richie sofiarichie on Aug 13, at Bieber accused Gomez of using him for attention, which prompted Gomez to call him out for cheating on her. Bieber shot back by accusing Gomez of cheating on him with year-old Zayn Malik — then pulled the plug on his account shortly afterward. In many ways, Justin and Selena are the perfect millennial celebrity relationship — playing out on Instagram and Twitter, with subtweets and hashtags.

It just seems poetic.

We take a look at the ups, the downs — and how long we think they’ll last. Justin Bieber, 24, & Selena Gomez, Since they first started dating in , Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber’s relationship saga has made Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor look decisive.

After rumors swirled that Selena and Justin were secretly dating , the duo finally went public with their love and made their first red carpet appearance as a couple at the Vanity Fair Oscars party. The pair poured on the PDA at the Billboard Awards, sharing a sweet kiss for the cameras during the nationally televised event. To top it all off, Justin even called Selena “amazing” backstage after taking home multiple awards. That same month, the couple also jetted off to Hawaii for a romantic vacation.

Selena cohosted the MTV VMAs preshow, and after wrapping up her interview with Justin, the “Baby” singer leaned in and planted a kiss on Selena’s cheek for the entire world to see. The Canadian star reportedly set up a romantic candlelit dinner on the court floor, and after their meal, they enjoyed a private viewing of the Titanic. Later that night, Justin tweeted, “Romance isn’t dead. Treat your lady right fellas.

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber Are Reportedly “Exclusive” Now

Justin put a ring on it …a diamond-studded one baring the letter J. Getty Images] Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez were caught on the kiss cam putting their love on display at a Lakers game. Getty Images] Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez officially break up with sources citing their busy schedules as the cause of the split. While on tour, the singer was two hours late for one of his concerts, complained about having the worst birthday ever , and lost his cool with a photographer.

Instagram] Reunion rumors sparked when Selena flew to Norway to see the troubled pop star. Shortly after the visit, he posted a shirtless photo of himself with Selena snuggled up behind him.

Charlie Puth finally confirmed the rumor that he dated Selena Gomez back in when they were working on the song “We Don’t Talk Anymore.” The singer also hinted that Justin Bieber was the.

And now, after years of on-again-off-again drama, it looks like the superstars might be cozying up yet again! He spazzed out on a photographer while on a tour stop in London last year, got fined for spray painting a building, was arrested in Miami for a DUI, and caught on multiple leaked videos using the racial slurs as a joke. Even with his bad boy image, photos of the two together continued to surface.

If you ask us, Selena seems to be the calm to his storm. Despite being in the headlines for everything but his music, Justin seems ready to make a clean slate with Selena by his side. Maybe she can pull him out of his slump… December [Photo: Splash News] Rumors of the two dating started to surface when they were spotted together on a cuddly breakfast date at IHOP. Selena denied rumors of any romance at the time, citing they were just friends.

Splash News] Things got a little hot and heavy as photos surfaced of the couple looking very cozy on vacation in the Caribbean. Getty Images] Justin treated Selena to an entire flower shop , with the local florist having to fill multiple trucks that were delivered to her house. They also made their first official public appearance together on the red carpet at the Vanity Fair Oscars party.

They shared a kiss on the lips at the after party. They were also spotted in Hawaii showing major PDA.

Justin Bieber’s Girlfriend in 2017: Who Is Justin Bieber Dating?

It did start that way, though. Now that they have their own respective careers, their friendship is stronger than ever. But there were a few years in between when fans questioned whether they were still pals.

Selena Gomez is dating Zedd and Justin Bieber is going to war after seeing his former girlfriend confirm that she has a new boyfriend through photos Selena Gomez is dating Zedd and Justin Bieber is going to war after seeing his former girlfriend confirm that she has a .

On Friday, the year-old actress and her rumoured new year-old boyfriend were allegedly spotted hugging and kissing while dining at Benihana restaurant in Atlanta, Georgia. Scroll down for video Sparking more romance rumours: Los Angeles-based DJ paid a visit to his lady love and accompanied her on a date dining on Japanese food and hibachis. Inside the eatery, fans were quick to take selfies with the two stars, confirming that the alleged couple were in fact eating together.

Selena was showing off shorter hair when she stopped for a photo with some fans Happy to help out: The pair didn’t mind snapping selfies with their admirers, in the process confirming that they were together Selena showed off her shorter hairdo while covering most of her face with metallic circular rimmed sunglasses. While Zedd – real name Anton Zaslavski – tried to go unnoticed with a grey hoodie on his head and wearing a leather jacket and dark coloured trousers.

He carried some food to-go in a doggy bag and followed closely behind his new flame who jumped into the passenger seat of a parked vehicle. They first fueled rumours of a new romance at a Golden Globe Award after party on January 11 Are they or aren’t they? Zedd and Selena held hands while leaving the Beverly Hilton Hotel Selena and Zedd first fueled rumours of a new romance when they were spotted holding hands at a Golden Globe Awards after party on January

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After all, they’re both at the top of their game, they’re both gorgeous, and they both know how to stay in the spotlight. Plus, it seemed like it would actually kind of work — Lopez has proven that she loves younger guys, and J. Lo has all the curves that Drake seems to love on his women. They posted cuddly selfies together and played coy about the whole thing, fuelling the rumours even more.

Dating one of the world’s biggest pop stars was always going to have its downsides, but dating Selena Gomez is clearly on a whole other level. Immediately after German DJ Zedd collaborated with.

But not many people thought their relationship would last as long as it did and almost no one predicted where it would be today. The two musicians went through several public breakups over the years as they continued the cycle of getting back together again before splitting again. In January , Gomez was spotted out with fellow singer The Weeknd, and they began dating.

First breakup Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez reportedly called it quits in She had some trust issues. Reunited abroad A post shared by Justin Bieber justinbieber on Jul 5, at 1: It definitely looked like they were back together. However, they were later seen arguing at an airport and broke up again. Social media spat A post shared by Justin Bieber justinbieber on Dec 1, at 7: In , Bieber posted pictures of his new love interest, Sofia Richie.

Selena Gomez and rumoured boyfriend DJ Zedd go bowling together

Share to Google plus Tuesday, April 21, – The cute couple showed all the signs of committing to Zeddlena, but it would seem since the release of their collaborative track ‘I Want You To Know’, things have kinda, well, fizzled. View the lyrics I want you to know that it’s our time You and me bleed the same light I want you to know that I’m all yours You and me run the same course I’m slipping down a chain reaction And here I go, here I go, here I go, go And once again, I’m yours in fractions It takes me down, pulls me down, pulls me down low Honey, it’s raining tonight The storms always have an eye, have an eye Tell me your cover tonight Or tell me lies, tell me lies, lies, lies

Since Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber split for good in , Selena has been involved in several other relationships. In , she dated a year-old disc jockey and record producer named Zedd. Soon after breaking up with Zedd after dating for a couple of months, Selena engaged in a romantic relationship with Samuel Krost, a businessman from.

Because Diplo, an adult who enjoys and produces electronic music, apparently also likes meddling in the tender, romantic affairs of America’s young people. How Selena got swept up in this drama is obvious—she is Selena Gomez, whom Drama follows—why Diplo has become the peach pit at the center of this drama peach is less clear. How did this grown man become so involved in the social lives of babies who were recently on the Disney channel?

Perhaps there is something psychological going on in relation to his allegedly tiny penis, which is where this saga began, three long months ago. It got considerably more retweets than the average snippets of wisdom and wonder Diplo sends out on a daily basis, like this recent tweet where he asks to be invited to a party. What’s good in la tonight? Me and walshyfire all dressed up w no where to go — diplo diplo February 3, So those extra retweets encouraged Diplo, probably.

His first home run in the fame game called Twitter, and he was eager to get back up to bat. Thirty-six-year-old Diplo took a couple days to craft his response, ultimately incorrectly identifying the year-old Lorde as a high school student. So what does this have to do with Selena Gomez? Well, Diplo knows a guy she knows.

Selena Gomez Boyfriend: 5 Hottest Stars Selena Gomez has dated

Recently, her two latest singles are released and Selena is on Fire. Recently she is the part of controversies after her reunion with his on and off boyfriend Justin Bieber right after she broke up with The Weekend. Now we are here presenting a complete timeline of her relationship.

Selena Gomez and Nick Jonas are rumored to have dated in the past,but they are no longer together. No, they are not going out, it has not been confirmed. People maythink they are but they are.

Advertisement – Continue Reading Below Jan. The kissing photos immediately go viral, in part because Selena is friends with Bella’s sister Gigi, making this the perfect recipe for a celebrity SquadWar. Bella quietly unfollows Selena on Instagram , and so it begins. News , The Weeknd’s “always had a thing for Selena. They are taking things slow and getting to know each other. Selena takes a suuuuper-sexy photo, shot by photographer Mert Alas, in which she’s nude except for a barely there thong.

Selena Gomez Admits to Her “Thing’ With Zedd & Talks Taylor & Katy Feud