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Ms Joanne Almaden provided a very good explanation regarding Maceda Law. Will just consult a legal advise. Still, will work out for this, hopefully I could manage to fight for what is left for me. Bumili po kame ng townhouse property located sa isang subdivision. Pinili po naming sa umpisa palang ng Transaction sa seller ay BANK financing scheme, since masyado mahal ang inhouse financing. Kaya po ang sabi ng seller, continue pa rin po kame magbayad ng in house dhil wla pa daw po loan take out galing sa banko. Last Oct , nareleased na po ang loan proceeds at natanggap na po ng seller ang kabuuang bayad sa bahay. Samakatuwid, Bayad na po kame sa seller. Ngyon po hind po kame palipatin ng seller dhil daw po sa dun sa months na hind namin pagbabayad ng in house, khit na po HINDI namen nalipatan ang bahay. Samakatuwid, kami ay nagbabayad ng inhouse sa seller khit kami ay hind naman nkalipat.

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Comment Email Copy Link Copied There are things that you should never do while you have your period and things that you never thought you could do. Every week, new information and studies are coming out with the latest news about women and their menstrual cycle. Only one fact remains constant: We are still learning new things about our bodies and the mysteries of our period.

Recent studies on menstruating women have revealed a number of interesting facts.

Oct 26,  · Iglesia ni Kristo is the Philippines’ version of Protestantism, and Felix Manalo is the Philippines’ Martin Luther. Although not a clergy unlike Luther, the foundation of his protests is deeply rooted in the Methodist-Episcopalian theology.

Procedure to process the documents: You have to personally secure the authentication except in UAE embassy which you have to send via Fedex with enclosed managers check of Peso 1, The same procedure for Diploma and TOR These documents are needed in order to secure working visa in UAE, but it is not necessary to bring together with you in your flight to Dubai as this are not requirement in applying for a job.

Yet not necessary but it is advisable to bring it with you as it will be needed when you are hired immediately and the processing alone in the Philippines will approximately 5 weeks. While the processing of the authentication of your documents is under development, get ideas about UAE in websites that are available in the internet. Ideal timing Summer in the Middle East starts mid March and ends late October, temperature is rising up to 45 degrees so this is not the ideal time in walking on Dubai streets to apply for a job.

Also at this season, managers of companies are normally out on vacation.

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Rent Alabang Homes Oh, where to take your special someone and make a lasting impression? Fortunately, aside from being well-known as a booming business district, Ortigas has a number of dating places where you can take your significant other to make things very interesting. This is great news especially for those living in Ortigas because it will save them precious time.

Since the site has a specific niche (Pinays looking for foreign partners), I can’t say much about other dating sites. From that one single site though, there’s a wide range of members. Women with profiles aren’t the typical exotic beauties which foreigners ://

At the end of this post are links to articles you may refer to for additional knowledge. Check out these two links from SSS: Part 1 and Part 2. You can also download it from the Gov. Ph website Maternity Notification Form. Submit the accomplished form with your Ultrasound Report at least 60 days from conception to your employer, if employed, or to SSS, if unemployed, voluntary or separated. The instructions are on the back of the form.

More specifically, you have to have paid at least 3 monthly contributions within the month period right before you give birth or have a miscarriage. You also need to have filed the maternity notification form. Some employers require a medical certificate. Talk to your boss about your situation. And if your company is new-Mom-friendly, good for you!

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August 13, I finally got my E-Passport last week, after waiting for 2 months and 2 weeks. Setting an appointment thru http: Fill out the online application form completely. A list of documentary requirements will then be given, according to the type of passport you currently have.

Within our first three months of dating, I had my first outbreak of herpes. At that, he had a small cold sore on his mouth, and to this day, we still wonder if that was the cause. He was tested, and showed nothing. I have not had an outbreak in two years. Once I was diagnosed, we started using condoms all the time.

Alberto Overseas license Gusto ko lang po inform ang mga kababayan natin na may balak mag apply in this agency that you have to weigh out your options first before signing the contract or giving them your passport. They have this Fly now,Pay later plan as their ad which can attract many professionals who want to go abroad. Just read on and you can decide for yourself later. The moment you get here in Saudi Arabia there will be another contract which is in English and Arabic.

It is stated in the contract that you have a 15 days paid yearly vacation and that they will give you a round trip fare ticket on your second year with your one month salary. It is also stated that there is free accommodation and free food. We are a couple and both working in the same company,we arrived at the same time here in Riyadh and they gave us accommodation for 5 months only and then we were informed that we should find another house and we are to be given SR per month as house rent.

There is no food allowance contrary to what was stated in the contract. The salary is always delayed 18th,19th or 20th of every month. We were informed that we are supposed to have salary deduction equivalent to 1 month salary and only in our first year. As of now,I have been working for a year and a half already but have not received a full salary.

Worse is,if you want to resign. You will have to wait until a replacement comes which can take months and years even.

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October 23, is a half- Swiss half- Filipino Philippine voice actress. As of , she is currently a radio disc jockey in the Philippines and known as DJ Kara Karinyosa [1] [2] of Contents [ show ] Career The main role of Ash Ketchum was given to Magboo, who is also a professional singer, model and stage performer. She also voices Ash’s mother, Delia Ketchum.

Magboo started her dubbing career since

Quezon City (/ ˈ k eɪ z ɒ n / KAY-zon; Filipino: Lungsod Quezon, Tagalog pronunciation: [luŋˈsod ˈkɛːson]; Spanish: Ciudad Quezon [sjuˈðað ˈkeson]; also known as QC or Kyusi) is the most populous city in the was founded by and named after Manuel L. Quezon, the 2nd President of the Philippines, to replace Manila as the national capital.

All those high buildings, fancy streets, and that overall vibe. However, life happened; I matured and realized that there was more to life than NYC and what it is portrayed on the movies. I prioritized my European dream and worked hard to achieve it. Needless to say, my Eurotrip was the highlight of my whole existence. They said that you need show money, land titles, cars, properties, businesses, and whatnots.

The fact that I have just graduated a year ago, with less than 2 years in my current employer, single, no kids, and no properties, it was a risk to apply. Imagine PHP going down the drain in case I got denied? I mean, yeah, the PHP but I can still earn that. I can reapply if ever I get denied so I have to do it. The plot twist is:

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He pursued a college education at Miriam College taking B. For a short period of time, he played the drums for the DIY band in Baguio. Breakthrough as Kapuso[ edit ] After transferring to GMA Network and becoming a contract star, he landed his first role for the network in the youth-oriented drama Kahit Kailan where he played a supporting character named David.

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Frequently Asked Questions Do you have experience assisting buyers in purchasing residential homes that are bank or government owned? Yes, Motor City Law has significant experience handling the purchase of residential properties saddled with claims and liens. Can you set up a legal business entity like a LLC or corporation for me to purchase properties? Yes, we will advise you on the best legal entity to use based on your objectives and current business situation.

This is an example of legal work that we most often handle for a flat fee. Can you provide or do you have a resource for residential property management services? Yes, we are well grounded in the real estate industry and could provide a referral, depending on your business model. Can you help if residents living in my investment home s stop paying me rent? This is another example of a legal service that is most often provided at a flat fee.

How fast after filing can I buy under a new LLC name?

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