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When we first arrived on the scene, there was no company listed in the yellow pages for basement waterproofing; in fact, basement waterproofing was not even a category in the NY yellow pages. Eventually we were getting calls for help from the entire New York Metropolitan area. With our vast experience waterproofing homes in this region, we realized that in order to guarantee our work we would need to come up with a method of relieving the water pressure off a foundation. Vulcan was the first company to install this interior pressure relief system, now commonly known as french drains, on a regular basis. Once we discovered this revolutionary way to deal with water in the basement, we knew we had the right solution. After celebrating our 65th year in business under the same name, and over 50 years in the same location serving local homeowners and businesses in our region we can proudly say that we have more experience solving basement water problems than anyone else in the entire NY Metropolitan Area, bar none. Basement flooding has become more of a problem for homeowners in NY as homes get older and areas with high water tables exert more pressure on foundations. The Vulcan Waterproofing hydrostatic pressure relief system has proven itself time after time to be the right solution.

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Guy was born on August 3, and passed away on Sunday, July 2, Guy was a resident of Sandy Hook, Mississippi at the time of passing.

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Towns alphabetical Below are links to individual pages on each town in Mississippi that was located on a railroad. The idea behind these pages was inspired by James Brieger’s book, “Hometown Mississippi” published many years ago. While Brieger’s book is an excellent and much-needed reference, information available at the time was limited when it came to railroad and industrial history. Since then, much research has been done by many individuals in these two areas, and much more remains to be done.

These pages are a way to expand on Brieger’s research and hopefully others will contribute to them to make the story of Mississippi’s small towns more complete, accurate, and interesting. While the focus will be railroad and industrial development, I will try to provide at least a brief history of each location and include any and all old photographs we can come up with to illustrate each location, as well as recent photographs of what remains or sadly what doesn’t remain of each town.

2 bedroom, bath beach house located off Hwy. #82 on Heron St., Cameron, Louisiana , Holly Beach Subdivision. 36 miles South of Sulphur, Exit #20 from I, onto Hwy. #, South.

To find military facilities we use www. Some people swear by it, I don’t use it. It’s about the best deal out there and well worth your consideration. We no longer have a membership to Passport America because we don’t use a lot of commercial campgrounds. If you do, we recommend Passport America highly. If you pull in to one of these free locations, drop the jacks, pull out the slides, extend the awning and disconnect the dinghy, you are a certifiable jerk and are spoiling it for the rest of us who use the opportunity.

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Finding many, but not enough, he expanded to recruiting civilians outside of the installation, getting many men willing to join the Navy as petty officers , with the understanding that qualified men could later apply for commissions. They were organized into the Twelfth Regiment Public Works , which was essentially the Public Works Department because staff officers could not exercise military command. Davis was appointed commanding officer of the regiment, he exercised military control, but the Public Works Officers exercised technical control.

With its completion, on 30 December , the regiment became “fully operational” with 1, men organized into three battalions.

A NOTE ABOUT PRINTING: My patterns no longer show up when accessed via (This is out of my control; please see my FAQs for more info.) If you wish to print this pattern (for personal use only), you can copy & paste it into a text editing document, or purchase the .

The only shade is minimal and on the edges of the property. The site pads are not defined and there is not a table or anything else except the pillar you hook up to. When we called to make the reservation the lady was nice and said that the beach was only about 90 feet away from the park, it was more like feet. The park is separated from ocean by an overgrown lot and a 4 lane divided major road. The sidewalk to get there is in disrepair and not continuous. The view of the ocean at the beach is dominated by the industrial shipping dock and the large visible pipe with a warning sign on it.

The park office is tiny, maybe 6×8 feet and also contains a few shelves that make up the “store. Once at the park you get the full set of rules, after you pay the nonrefundable fee, of course. They are militant about the rules and come to enforce them even when you are following them. The pool is a joke, it is more like a large spa. They also closed the pool because of nonexistent bad weather, claimed a weather alert.

According to 3 different weather apps the closest lighting strike was MILES away and there were no active weather alerts at the time. Apparently jumping into a pool is now the same as diving since rules are being made up at the whims of whoever is in charge.

Gulfport, Mississippi police respond to viral video about alleged sexual assault | Miami Herald

July 13, She was arrested on charges of felony kidnapping and sexual assault. Ezzie Johnson, 17, was arrested by police around 8 p.

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Petersburg, Florida on the sunny west coast of Florida. Let us transport you to a world of warmth and relaxation. Experience the calm waters of the Gulf of Mexico and drag your toes through the white soothing sand. Whether you are seeking a peaceful weekend retreat, looking for a Summer or Winter getaway, or ready to live in paradise all year long, you will find what you are looking for at Bickley RV Park.

We are an adult community located in the St. Here you will find beach shops, bike rentals, restaurants, and beach side vendors.

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These gulfport trusted and Authorized DISH Retailers can provide you with the best satellite TV and DISH TV anywhere service that you can find in Mississippi. They can hook up your TV’s and get you instantly connected with amazing technology like the DISH Hopper, the .

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Jul 13, at 3: Three Mississippi teens are accused in the kidnapping and sexual assault of a woman with special needs in Gulfport after a disturbing Facebook Live video of the incident went viral on Wednesday. Hudson turned herself in Wednesday night about 7 p. A version of the video was posted Wednesday as members of the community tried to raise awareness about the case. She is special needs and was set up to be sexually abused, beat and held against her will!

Nov 19,  · Witness describes police-involved shooting in Gulfport on Monday, Nov. 19, Up next Gulfport Police NowThis Reports S1 • E20 Sandy Hook: Five Years Later | NowThis – .

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Gulfport, Ms

Portions of the site were acquired in the late ‘s and early ‘s. In a bond referendum, the citizens of Sarasota County voted to expand the beach by an additional feet. The results of the development of a dune restoration system in which includes five walkovers, has been very successful toward preserving and protecting the shoreline at this site. Camping, hiking, biking, tubing, beaches , canoeing, horseback riding, and events at music parks such as Spirit of Suwannee Music Park in Live Oak, Florida on the Suwannee River are just some of the activities available in Florida campgrounds and rv parks.

The vast majority are open to visitors and campers.

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We came from the East, Hwy 90 which was a beautifully scenic road, on the water! We had no problems traveling this road in our Class A RV with toad. At this intersection we turned left onto 25th St. NCBC gate is at the end of this road. Entrance to the gate included temporary barricades. Essentially, you come up to a stop sign and wait for the sentry to motion for you to come forward. We presented ID and were told how to get to the RV park office. The older RV park is located to the right of the entrance gate so you can’t miss it.

We stopped near the office and checked in. There were two people working. We received materials on the campground as well as the community. The box included a remote with batteries that worked! This entire process took less than 30 minutes and we had several hundred yes, hundred! We were pleasantly surprised.

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